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Forthcoming Titles


Islamic Bookbinding revealed through the lens of the Montefiascone Conservation Project

Essayists include Cheryl Porter, Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair, Alison Ohta, Kristine Rose-Beers, Jim Bloxam and Shaun Thompson, and Marco Di Bella; edited by Julia Miller

Expected early Summer 2024

Lynn Sures and Michelle Samour

Radical Paper: Art and Invention with Colored Pulp

Expected Summer 2024


Jen Lindsay

Fine Bookbinding a technical guide 

Expected Summer 2024

Yury Pyatnitsky and Nadezhda Kavrus-Hoffmann

The Hermitage Psalter: The Amazing Journey of an Exceptional Byzantine Manuscript

Due to circumstances beyond their control, the authors have been unable to complete the manuscript for this work, but it is hoped that this situation will change soon.

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