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Forthcoming Titles

Lynn Sures and Michelle Samour

Radical Paper: Art and Invention with Colored Pulp

This is a landmark book that profiles an artistic movement that has operated largely outside the mainstream art world and serves as both an overdue history and an up-close look at the range, versatility, and brilliance of art created with colored paper pulp. 


Although handmade papers have been employed by artists for centuries, the use of handmade paper and colored paper pulp as an integral element in creating art – as opposed to serving only as the surface on which art is created – has seen remarkable development over the last 70 years. As early practitioners like Douglas Morse Howell, Laurence Barker, and Kenneth Tyler mapped out new directions in using colored paper pulp, their work inspired the careers of  generations of artists who have taken this medium in fresh and unexpected directions. This foundational book – the first of its kind – features 73 artist innovators whose work, grounded in the common medium of paper and pulp, takes flight through an array of applications, modalities, and techniques, from the pictorial to the structural, representational to abstract, two- and three-dimensional, spanning the meditative to the mercurial.


Radical Paper: Art and Invention with Colored Pulp introduces and expands the medium

to artists, curators, collectors, art historians, and the broader public as it highlights the dynamic scope and inventiveness of today’s leading practitioners.


Expected August 2024

Yury Pyatnitsky and Nadezhda Kavrus-Hoffmann

The Hermitage Psalter: The Amazing Journey of an Exceptional Byzantine Manuscript

Due to circumstances beyond their control, the authors have been unable to complete the manuscript for this work, but it is hoped that this situation will soon change.

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