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Books about the Printing, Paper, and Bookbinding Arts

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Suave Mechanicals

Essays on the History of Bookbinding


Volume 8


Julia Miller, editor

Tom Conroy


Tom Conroy


Sue Donovan



Eliza Jacobi

Karin Scheper

Eve Menei


Jen Lindsay


Julia Miller



Todd Pattison



Jeffrey S. Peachey



David Plummer

Paul Hepworth

Karin Scheper















Two Groups of Newly Discovered Bookbinders’ Finishing Tool Makers


Jean Eschmann, 1896 –1961


Caoutchouc Bindings: The Origin and Application of a Rubber-Based

 Adhesive in Nineteenth-Century Gift Books


A Complete Coptic Codex: A Material Study and Conservation

Approach of a Relatively Unknown Bound Papyrus Manuscript



Coptic Bookbindings from Edfu in The British Library: A Reappraisal


Puzzle Me Again: A Comparison of Two Early Coptic Bindings –

Nag Hammadi Codex II and P. Bodmer XXIII


As Good as It Needs to Be: The Myth of Temporary Covers in

American Book Production, 1700 –1850


“The Binder’s Curse”: John Bradford and Early Nineteenth-Century

American Bookbinding


Between Bag and Box: Characteristics and Conservation Issues of the

Islamic Slipcase

528 pages   •   440 illustrations   •   full color   •   cloth, sewn

10 x 7 in.   •   2023

ISBN 9781940965246   •   $120.00