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Paper & Mediums Study Collection


compiled by Cathleen A. Baker, PhD  •  FAIC



In this Study Collection are 63 samples of American and European book and writing papers, dating from the 18th century into the 21st. Both handmade and machine-made papers are represented. Where possible, full or half sheets of writing papers, and signatures of printed book papers are included. Over-size sheets of blank machine-made papers have been trimmed (retaining at least one original edge) to the largest size possible; otherwise the papers are as found. Identified examples of iron-gall ink and three printing techniques – relief, intaglio, and lithograph, original and photomechanically and digitally reproduced – are also included.

All of the samples are marked and identified for the purposes of comparing to unknowns, for in-house testing, and/or for teaching. The fiber(s) contained in each paper sample have been identified by Integrated Paper Services Inc., and analytical tests for protein, starch, and lignin were performed by the compiler.

Each sample is in an acid-free paper folder and folders are stored in one of three phase boxes, all of which, along with the binder and a copy of the 2nd printing of From the Hand to the Machine, are housed in a custom-made cloth-covered clamshell box, measuring approximately 21 x 14 x 6 in.

All samples are described in a database supplied in a binder in both hard-copy forms and in FileMakerPro and .pdf files on a CD to enable keyword searches.


Price (which included UPS shipping within U.S.) was $1,800.



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