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Papermaker s Tears: Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper


Volume 2


Tatiana Ginsberg, editor

The series, Papermaker's Tears:  Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper, encompasses all of the papermaking and paper arts, including decorated papers – historical and current.


Authors and essay in vol. 2 are:

Sidney E. Berger    •


Velma Bolyard    •


Andrew R. Davis    •

      Timothy Barrett   

   Fenella G. France   


Katharine L. DeLamater    •


Nicole Donnelly    •



Aimee Lee    •




Minah Song    •



Nicholas G. Yeager    •


The Many Faces of Decorated Paper


Falling into Shifu: A Journey, a Story


Fermentation as a Pulping Method for Handmade Papers and the Permanence of Finished Sheets


Carriage House Paper, 1974 to the Present


Douglass Morse Howell: Breaking the Mould, Part II


The Toolmakers – Those Who Build So We Can Make. Part II: Ronald Macdonald and Howard Clark


Patterns of Appreciation: Papermakers in East Asia


Without a Trace: Joseph Seavy and the Mystery of The Writer’s Assistant

288 pages  •  327 illustrations  •  full color  •  cloth, sewn  •  $95.00


isbn 9781940965222


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sample of watermarked paper made by Nicholas Yeager to accompany his essay