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Papermaker s Tears

Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper


Vol. 1


Tatiana Ginsberg, editor

A new The Legacy Press series, Papermaker's Tears:  Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper encompasses all of the papermaking and paper arts, including decorated papers – historical and current.


Vol. 1 of Papermaker s Tears is expected in summer 2019. Authors and essay titles include the following::


•  Cathleen A. Baker  •  The Wove Paper in John Baskerville’s Virgil (1757): Made on a Cloth-Covered Laid Mould

•  Nicole Donnelly  •  Douglass Morse Howell: Breaking the Mould. Part I

•  Susan Gosin  •  Founding of Dieu Donné

•  Kyoko Ibe  •  On Gampi

•  Aimee Lee  •  The Toolmakers – Those Who Build So We Can Make. Part I: Timothy Moore and David Reina

•  Radha Pandey  •  Traditional Papermaking in India: Then and Now

•  Peter Thomas  •  An Account of My Trip to Find the Hand Papermills of Eastern Europe


Editor: Tatiana Ginsberg is Studio Collaborator and Production Manager of the Dieu Donné Papermill in New York City. Her background is in Japanese and Western papermaking, printing, teaching, and collaborating with artists.


We are taking essays for Vol. 2, and if you have an essay in preparation or if you would like more information, please email Tatiana: