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Out of print. This title will not be reprinted.

Papermaker s Tears: Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper


Volume 1


Tatiana Ginsberg, editor

The series, Papermaker's Tears:  Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper encompasses all of the papermaking and paper arts, including decorated papers – historical and current.


Authors and essay titles include the following:

Cathleen A. Baker   •




Nicole Donnelly   •



Susan Gosin   •


Kyoko Ibe   •


Aimee Lee   •




Radha Pandey   •



Peter Thomas   •

The Wove Paper in John Baskerville’s Virgil (1757): Made on a Cloth-Covered Laid Mould


Douglass Morse Howell: Breaking the Mould. Part I


Founding of Dieu Donné


On Gampi


 The Toolmakers – Those Who Build So We Can Make. Part I: Timothy Moore and David Reina


 Traditional Papermaking in India: Then and Now


An Account of My Trip to Find the Hand Papermills of Eastern Europe

360 pages  •  378 illustrations  •  full color  •  hardcover   •   10 x 7 in.   •   $85.00


ISBN: 9781940965147