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Published John DePol Pattern Papers

Beginning in the 1950s, the American master of wood engraving, John DePol (1913–2004), cut small, endgrain blocks featuring subjects from nature, the heavens, the book arts, and fantastical abstract/geometrical designs. Pattern papers were created from many of these images, printed, and used as binding papers for fine-press books. Illustrated in Endgrain Designs & Repetitions: The Pattern Papers of John DePol are 117 of these image units and patterns. The Legacy Press is pleased that it has exclusive license to publish John DePol Pattern Papers.

The Legacy Press has published ten John DePol Pattern Papers, eight of which are still in-print, and these can be purchased at $5.00 per sheet plus shipping by emailing


Specifications: Offset-printed on Mohawk Superfine (Softwhite, Eggshell-finish, 80# text), 16.5 x 22 in. (full bleed), grain direction short. Shown below in color are the image units and the Pantone Matching System reference (#) for these John DePol Pattern Papers.







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6 sheets








6 sheets






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For an edition binding or other projects requiring significant numbers of sheets, you can order a John DePol Pattern Paper printed to your specifications. Begin the process by selecting an image from those reproduced below. To my knowledge, none of these images has appeared as a patterned paper, see Endgrain Designs & Repetitions: The Pattern Papers of John DePol.

Download the order form by clicking here, fill it out and email a scan or photograph of it to,

and I will send you a sample pattern and an estimate.

Amphora             Circles                               Clouds III                Crosswise                              Cyclone               Ellipse                Drape                 Eight              Fall                          Fall II                      Flutter

Four Leaves     Furl                            Gingko               Glass                                               Grapes                Moonscape     Nine                      Notches        Palm                            Pear                  Points

Prism                                               Quill                  Ribbon             Ribbon II           Scotch                      Scroll             Skyscraper     Slips                   Swirl                   Tree                       Trees &             Triangle II


All images © The Legacy Press and the Estate of John DePol

For more information and to purchase sheets, email: