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Books about the Printing, Paper, and Bookbinding Arts

At the Printer – Available in early 2022

Suave Mechanicals

Essays on the History of Bookbinding


Volume 7  •  Julia Miller, editor

Pablo Alvarez



Alexandra Alvis




Malina Belcheva



Tom Conroy



Arthur Green


Jessica Keister

Emma Hartman


Leather Discussion





Julia Miller


Kim Norman



Todd Pattison




Todd Pattison

Elizabeth DeWolfe


Jennifer W. Rosner

























The Burning of the Butterfly: A Plaquette Binding at the University of Michigan Library


Working on the Best Material and by the Best Methods: Douglas Cockerell and Son, and the Bindery’s Work for the University of Glasgow Library


Unveiling Secrets of the Trade: Owen Jones and

the Relievo Art of The Psalms of David


A Lineage of Finishing Tool Makers in Georgian Dublin


Cutting Book Edges In-Boards


Cords to Nowhere: The Bindings of Anna Atkins’ Photographs of British Algæ: Cyanotype Impressions


The Evolution of Bookbinding Leather: Past, Present, and Future

Kristi Wright   •   Katharine C. Wagner

William Dean Minter   •   Holly Herro


The Glazier Codex (MLM MS G.67)


Conserving the Historic Torahs of Congregation Mickve Israel in Savannah, Georgia


The “Prince of Binders”: Joseph T. Altemus and the Height of Publishers’ Bindings in the Mid-Nineteenth Century


Female Labor and Industrial Growth in Nineteenth-Century American Bookbinding


“Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits”: 1854 Inventory of the Joseph T. Altemus Bindery

620 pages   •   368 illustrations   •   full color   •   10 x 7

cloth, sewn   •   2022


isbn 9781953421081   •   $115.00