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Books about the Printing, Paper, and Bookbinding Arts

Paper and Colour

Dyes and Dyeing around the World


Radha Pandey, Editor


292 pages   •   356 illustrations   •   full color


10 x 7 in.   •   softcover   •   2022   •   2nd printing


isbn 9781953421098   •   $45.00


Mary Hark, Peter Boakye   •

Nicholas Cladis   •

Tran Hong Nhung   •

Tatiana Ginsberg   •

Radha Pandey   •

Asao Shimura   •

Susan J. Bryd   •

Catherine Liu   •



Mary Hark   •

Tran Hong Nhung   •

Tatiana Ginsberg   •

Radha Pandey   •

Asao Shimura   •

Catherine Liu   •

Lisa Miles   •

Catherine Nash, Alison Leggat   •

Genevieve Lapp   •

Julie McLaughlin   •

Velma Bolyard   •

Susan J. Byrd   •


Adinkra-Stamped Handmade Paper in Ntonso, Ghana

Uchigumo: A Choreography of Clouds

Dó Paper: Breathing New Life into an Art Form Endangered by Extinction

People Were Remarkably Elegant in Those Days

Adding Colour

Kon’nyaku-e 蒟蒻繪

Interview with Sadako Sakurai

Xié and Yìn: The Intersections of Printing and Natural Dyes



Walnut Ink for Adinkra-Style Stamping

Natural Dyeing with Cẩm Hồng

Suō for Brush Dyeing

Fermented Hemp Dyed with Lac Extract


Natural Dye-Based Relief and Intaglio Ink

Cota Dye Preparation

Earth to Pigment to Paper

Purples Achieved with Tannin and Ferrous Sulphate

Kakishibu Marinade for Thin Kozo Papers

Pigmenting Paper Pulp of Flax or Other Fibers

Paper Threads Dyed with Onion Skins and Alder Cones


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