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Faults escaped...•


As much as we try to eliminate all errors, we have found a few that escaped our notice. John DePol, who cut this wood engraving, made similar images that graced errata sheets for several books that he illustrated. Please pardon our mistakes!


• a phrase often found in 17th-century English books; I first saw it in George Chapman, The Iliads of Homer: Prince of Poets (London: Nathaniell Butter, [1611]).

Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen. Mooring a Field: Paul N. Banks and the Education of Library and Archives Conservators (2019)

p. 62, fn. 32; bibliography: change Heiss Kenan to Kenan Heise.

p. 174, fn.124; p. 187, fn. 17; index: change Simmons College to Simmons University.


Barrett, Timothy D. European Hand Papermaking: Traditions, Tools, and Techniques (1st edition, 2018, hardcover, with paper specimens).

Apologies for the following errors in the 1st ed. (unfortunately, there are other minor typos, not detailed here). These errors are corrected in the 2nd ed. (2019, softcover, no specimens):

p. 139, change Fig. 50. to Figs. 51a–f.

p. 153, delete second "Fig. 62." from caption

p. 216, delete underline from "And, again,"

p. 221, delete underline from " (X122), "

pp. 291 and 321, it should read: "Albro, Sylvia" with apologies for the misspelling



1. In the 2nd edition, new text has been added to pp. 169 (under "Building your own beater") and 221 (in 1st paragraph).

2. An addendum "Alternative to Fermentation" to both editions can be on this book's webpage – click here.


Thomas, Peter and Donna. They Made the Paper at Tuckenhay Mill (2017)

Because this book is digitally printed in batches, it is possible to make corrections, but the following errors are in earlier printings of

this title:

p. 50, last line in 2nd paragraph: change strain to stain

p. 53, 1st paragraph, 3rd line from end: change 1932 to 1923

p. 59, last paragraph, 3rd line down: change you to you

p. 77, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraphs: change Aimes to Amies


Byrd, Susan J. A Song of Praise for Shifu: Shifu Sanka (2013)

Inexplicably, and with apologies to the weaver, Carolina Larrea, the dimensions of her work, "Blooming," were printed incorrectly on

p. 255 as 97.75 x 97.75 in. The actual dimensions are about 3.5 x 3.5 in. (9 x 9 cm).


Lee, Aimee. Hanji Unfurled: One Journey into Korean Papermaking (2012)

If you have the 1st impression, on p. 61, simply cross out the red highlighted "hand" below in your copy and switch it to what follows (this error and the accompanying drawings were corrected in the 2nd impression, 2013): To start a new post, I used only the weight of my hand on the back of the bal to help couch the first few sheets. I had to pay attention to which hand grabbed the front of the bal each time I was about to couch, because I needed to alternate them. For the first sheet in a pair, I used my left hand to pick up the front-edge stick of the bal, pulled it off the frame, and lifted the bal up so that I could easily catch the back-edge stick with my right hand. Then I rotated the bal 180 degrees so that my left hand was at the bottom. In this position, I couched the sheet with my left hand at the lower edge, which is the position in which the left hand must be for each couch. For couching the second sheet, I used my right hand to pick up the front edge of the bal, pulled it off the frame, and caught the back edge with my left hand.


Miller, Julia. Books Will Speak Plain: A Handbook for Identifying and Describing Historical Bindings (2010)

In the 1st impression of the 1st edition (on the copyright page, only "2010" appears), please make corrections (in red) to the Fig. numbers given in the captions in the following Plates:

Pl. 5.21 change to Fig. 5.32

Pl. 5.23 change to Fig. 5.33

Pl. 5.28 change to Fig. 5.35

Pl. 5.29 change to Fig. 5.35

Pl. 5.30 change to Fig. 5.36

Pl. 5.31 change to Fig. 5.36

Pl. 5.32 change to Fig. 5.36


Baker, Cathleen A. From the Hand to the Machine. Nineteenth-Century American Paper and Mediums: Technologies, Materials, and Conservation (2010)

The 2nd impression (2014) of this book corrected numerous typos in the 1st impression (2010). If you have the 1st impression, please correct the following error of fact in your copy: on p. 109 in the caption for Fig. 66, the last two lines should read: Left: felt (dandy roll) side; right: wire side. On the felt side, "laid" pattern is more apparent.