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Books in Sheets for Binding

The Legacy Press has a limited number of sets of sheets for binding for some of its titles, see the list below. Unless otherwise stated, these sets are offset-printed, folded, collated, unsewn, and untrimmed gatherings.


To purchase sheets, email:

The following titles are available in sheets as of

4 March 2023


•    click on the title for more information; all amounts in US$    •

Alonso Víctor de Paredes (2 sets left)   •  $55 + $8 s/h* = $63.00


Peter and Donna Thomas Bibliography (30 sets left)   •  $55 + $8 s/h* = $63.00


Tradition and Individuality, see Note (5 sets left)   •  $55 + $9 s/h* = $63.00


Visionaries & Fanatics (no Type Specimen), see Note (14 sets left)   •  $15 + $6 s/h* = $21.00


Suave Mechanicals, Vol. 7  (5 sets left)   •  $60 + $8 s/h* = $68.00

*Shipping/handling cost for Continental USA addresses: If ordering more than one book in sheets, s/h for the first book (via USPS Media Mail) costs either $6 or $9 (see specific title above) and each additional book is from $3.50 to $5. For all other shipping options, email TLP.


Note: Unfortunately, the printer forgot to pull the F&Gs of these 2 books before they were Smyth-sewn. Fortunately, the mistake was discovered immediately thereafter, and so no spine lining or adhesive was applied, and the sewn text block was not trimmed. My apologies for any inconvenience!

Students: Full-time students receive a 20% discount off the retail price, email:


Note: Because sheets can only be created at the time of printing, it is not possible to order more sets once they run out. Therefore, all orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.


If you have any other questions, please email: