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Eric Hoffer Awards for Independent Publishers named The Legacy Press as 2014's Best Micro Press

for Susan J. Byrd's A Song of Praise for Shifu, a book that also won four additional Hoffer awards


Published Titles

Hanji Unfurled

One Journey into Korean Papermaking


Aimee Lee

Books Will Speak Plain

A Handbook for Identifying and

Describing Historical Bindings


Julia Miller

From the Hand to the Machine

Nineteenth-Century American Paper and Mediums: Technologies, Materials, and Conservation


Cathleen A. Baker

Killing Green

An Account of Hand Papermaking

in China


Elaine Koretsky

Paper and Threshold

The Paradox of Spiritual Connection in Asian Cultures


Dorothy Field

Endgrain Designs & Repetitions

The Pattern Papers of John DePol


Cathleen A. Baker  •  John DePol

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